chapters 4-6

March 13, 2007

In chapter four of Naked Conversations the authors start to talk about direct access. Some important ideas from this chapter are that business people use media coverage as a benefit. I think this is true but also that anyone could use media coverage as a benefit if it is a positive piece.  They say that good bloggers are chatty and into relationships, which only makes sense because that’s what blogging is…talking, chatting, and conversing about relationships. I particularly liked the story about the maverick blogger, the twelve year old boy who sold garbage bags door to door and turned it into a computer industry. I think it’s important to know that direct access is more than bypassing the press or even your own communications, and that it can be done it private. Chapter five deals with little companies and long research. In chapter we can see how blogs affect fellowship. It does this in three ways: first, internal which is most dramatic, second is personal, exposing your own ideas in writing, and finally community which gives increased openness to people in connection with a group or area. Also in chapter 5 are the 5 success tips in blogging. They are: talk, don’t sell, second is post often and be interesting, third is write on issues you know and are familiar with, fourth is blogging can save money but costs time so be effective, and finally, that you will get smarter by listening to what people tell you. Chapter six is consultants who get it. Consultants are important to blogging for 2 reasons, first, they build up reputations that make them category leaders, whether it’s by geography or niche, and second they have expertise and are starting to evangelize and deliver blogging into other businesses. The book Creating Customer Evangelists has 6 key points: continuously gather feedback, make it a point to share knowledge, expertly build word of mouth networks, encourage others to meet, devise offerings to get customers to bite, and focus on making the world or your industry better.



March 8, 2007

A few things that caught my attention from the two sites are: first, be confident and know the material well, second be entertaining, tell a story to keep interest, use humor, third, have 5 major points, make them obvious and clear, four, use large, readable fonts, and lastly don’t make a speech, put on show, don’t sit there are read from a card, make a good appearance and rehearse what you wnat to talk about before hand.

naked conversations blog

March 7, 2007

I read a blog page from a guy, Darren Rowse, who has his page mostly about how to blog. In fact, his webpage is He has information on what a blog is to blogging for beginners to lessons you can learn from blogging. His main point along with info. about blogging is how to earn money. He offers introductions to job boards, ebay auctions and selling, SE traffic, the benefits of seasonal blogging, and tips for talking to marketers on blogs.   On his site you can post blogs about cars, celebrities, and much more. It really is a very informative, descriptive blog page that offers people tips on  a lot of different topics.

Career Blog

February 14, 2007

In my search for a career I found several that stood out to me. The first is a K-12 Education Consultant in St.Louis. This person is responsible for supporting teachers in implementing new cirriculum in the fields of science, language arts, math, and history. My second career option is an Educational Consultant in sales in St. Louis. Consultants in sales are responsible for the sales, marketing, and business development efforts required to successfully sell our education technology products to schools/school districts within the state in a consultative fashion. My final career choice is an Admissions Director in Charleston South Carolina. The Director of Admissions reports to the Campus President and is responsible for: Assisting in the hiring of Admissions Representatives ,Training, motivating and managing Admissions Representatives ,Monitoring Admissions Representative’s performance, to include performance reviews , and Submitting required Admissions reports on a timely basis as requested by management. I liked this one the most of the three. It does require 2-3 years experience in Admissions which I would be willing to do to be able to apply and be qualified for this job.

cover letters

February 13, 2007

After reading the articles on cover letters I’m left a little confused. It was pretty much the opposite in terms of professionalism of the one I just wrote for the College of Education. I was shocked by the sample sheet on the second article. When that person just jumps in on a very casual level was shocking to me. Reading the one on the opposing side seeemed much more liek what i’ve been taught about cover sheets. I would be more used to saying this is the degree I have, these are the learned skills I possess and so on. I can see how the other one would be more attractive it was just new to me. The three points made at the end of the first article were good I thought. Express the job you are interested in, why you want it, and how you can contribute to it. I think they were both helpfull readings.

climbing the ladder

February 12, 2007

In Byrne’s Climbing the Ladder some very important aspects of marketing and business are explained. Having a strategy for selling is vital for success, as well as keeping a brand identity, being able to market yourself. Marketers and business careers in general also need a mission, something that explains what you are about. These factors have helped change the business world according to Byrne. Business men and women now need to work 60 – 80 hours a week to be deemed successful instead of 40 – 50. These jobs do involve luck at points but also hard work and dedication. I think Bryne’s points are valid to a lot of business careers, but I don’t think everyone business person needs to work 60 – 80 hours a week. Some I’m sure would need to but I would expect some could still be successful without that much stress.

Hardships of friendships

January 30, 2007

I have a lot of friends that come to me with problems that they don’t tell other people. I know they don’t think I have the answers, because I don’t, but they feel a sense of confidence knowing I will genuinely listen and try my best to relate with them. All I hope is that my listening and sympathy offers some sort of comfort for her and anyone who comes to me for help.

Hello world!

January 30, 2007

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